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I Won't Compromise: Part 2

I Won't Compromise: Part 2

Creating a healthy product was easy. Being a Naturopathic Doctor this is Alex’s forte. The original recipe was made to be healthier than other sports drinks and had a better complete electrolyte profile that contained 6+ essential electrolytes and not just sodium. She researched and realized that most people eat enough sodium in their diet so reducing this and instead including significant amounts of potassium, magnesium, calcium, bicarbonate and trace minerals would create a highly bioavailable and superiorly balanced drink. The next major health piece we needed to address was our sugar sources. With intensity exercise our bodies need a minimum amount of carbs (aka. sugars) to maximize absorption and sustain energy. We wanted the majority of these sugars to come from organic fruit juice but recognized that some faster burning carbs from organic cane sugar would actually be beneficial. These two sugar sources are at the lowest threshold possible to make Hydrator Elite a potent rehydration drink. 

Achieving our second tenet of sustainability required a reformulation from Alex’s original recipe and giving up the ingredient that was our namesake. Himalayan rose salts are non-renewable resource, require mining and involve massive global transportation. Our name could stay and pay tribute to our original recipe but the Himalayan salts had to go. Now we are proud to include pure ocean minerals which are fully renewable. We also choose our packaging specifically for its environmentally conscious design. Our package is made with only 1/7 of the plastic required to make a comparable plastic bottle. It’s also 100% recyclable! 

My last requirement of deliciousness was a no brainer. Hydrator Elite had to be healthy and sustainable without giving up anything in terms of taste. It doesn’t taste candy sweet and will never be bright blue but I can confidently say that for me and the 500+ people who’ve blind tasted it, it definitely beats our competitors.

So yeah I’m super proud of Hydrator Elite. It meets and exceeds my requirements for healthy, sustainable deliciousness. Despite setbacks and added costs I never compromised and on these tenets Himalayan Hydration never will.