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Crush your 2022 hydration goals

Hit your hydration goals with the most effective, science backed electrolyte drink on the market, Hidrate. Now for 20% off and free shipping with code HIDRATEHIVE.

Faster hydration than just water alone

30% less sugar and 3x the electrolytes of other brands

Founded and formulated by a Naturopatic Doctor

No artificial sweeteners or ingredients, ever

when to use

Rapid hydration when you need it the most

When you wake up
Pre & post workout
During the mid day slump
After the after party
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Minimal ingredients, maximum results

Berry Hidrate Case

Berry Hidrate Case

Bursting with juicy strawberries and blueberries.

Lemon Hidrate Case

Lemon Hidrate Case

Just the right amount of pucker—tart, light, and not too sweet.

Mixed Hidrate Case

Mixed Hidrate Case

Can't decide on a flavor? No problem! Get them all.

Orange Grapefruit Hidrate Case

Orange Grapefruit Hidrate Case

Bold and bright citrus, the perfect combination.

Sampler Hidrate Case

Sampler Hidrate Case

Like choices? Get all three flavors without the decision-making.


Loved by many

"I love drinking a Hidrate during my workouts, it keeps me hydrated, reduces muscle cramps, and gives me a much needed electrolyte boost so I can train hard during my workouts"

Aleah Chaytor

Entrepreneur and workout enthusiast
"I can’t stand sports drinks; they have too much sugar and lack the full range of electrolytes.  That's why I like Hidrate, it has just the right taste (not too sweet), is easy to drink, and effective."

Robyn Carroll

Sales professional and amateur athlete
"I loved Hidrate immediately. During pregnancy it’s hard to make sure you’re staying hydrated, and as a new mom it’s even harder to keep track of how much water I’m drinking."

Jordan Dutton

Naturopathic Doctor and new mom